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Law enforcement personnel have easy access to state license plate information and can find out what the license plate number is.

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This way, people can be on the lookout for the individual in question. Law enforcement may then give you the license plate number, if they feel you need to know it. Go to the person's house and watch which vehicles come and go from the premises. You can't camp out at someone's home, typically, without a good reason and permission, but you can casually drive by from time to time to determine the license plate numbers of the individual you are researching.

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Visit your local city and county court and research the person's criminal history. If the person has been convicted of any traffic crimes, look at the police records.

The license plate numbers of the vehicles involved are usually listed right there. Ask the person for the license plate number.

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You may be able to copy them, but be prepared to pay a nominal copying fee. More often than not, finding a name and address using a license plate number is not authorized by the DMV or other government agencies, so you may result to an internet search. Simply plugging the license plate number and the state into an online search engine is likely to reveal a number of results.

However, be aware that many of these search firms are not reputable. Certain red flags to look for include promises of free searches and immediate results. Many websites that claim their services are free eventually ask for a fee or a paid membership before you receive any actual search results.

Search firms that promise instant results are likely using old, out-of-date databases that may yield useless information. Reputable search firms exist, but they will be upfront about pricing and the timelines for their services.

How To Find A Name & Address Using A License Plate Number

Some of these situations include:. In either situation, record as much information as you can about the vehicle and its owner. Specifically, take photos of the license plate number, noting the state, city, and expiration date of the plate. You can also take photos of the entire vehicle to help the police identify the suspect. This information will also be helpful for your insurance company, who you should contact next if there was any damage to your vehicle.

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