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What is my IP Address?

They can offer investigation and education that is appropriately matched to your concerns. This web site is subject to the policies and technology limitations of the "Great Wall" for the Internet. Because of these limitations, this web site is not reliable for viewing from inside China. If your Internet help desk asks you to mail the 'results url', copy and paste the following URL. Note that this will share your current numeric Internet Protocol address es. We do not recommend posting this link on public web sites such as forums.

Hint : Columns are sortable click the first row ; click here to re-check reachability from where you are to those mirrors. It is real easy to get added to this list for basic checks. Also send your general web site address and organization name. Copyright C , Jason Fesler. All rights reserved. Version 1. The views expressed here may or may not reflect the views of the mirror owner.

JavaScript Required This site requires JavaScript, as well as the ability to pull in cross-site scripts, in order to perform the testing. Do you use NoScript? Fetches an object that has just an A record in DNS. This is expected to use IPv4. This is expected to use IPv6. Users not yet on the IPv6 Internet are likely to see this fail.

As long as it fails quickly, it will be OK - for now.

This is the most important test. This verifies your browser can connect to a site that has both IPv4 and IPv6 records published. IPv4 only hosts should connect fine using IPv4. If this test times out for any reason, it indicates trouble for World IPv6 Day. This will try connecting with a literal IPv4 numeric address. This should work for most people, unless they are running IPv6-only. This will try connecting with a literal IPv6 hexadecimal address. The primary purpose of this test is to separate out your connectivity on IPv6 from your ability to fetch DNS for it.

Validates that IPv6 requests with large packets work. This is a test of your ISP's resolver instead of a test of your host.

How to find IP address's of people on online multi-player games

This is not critical at this time for you to reach sites via IPv6. The IP address is shown. Your public IP address is how websites and snoops find you on the internet.

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You should make it harder to be targeted. You can download it here:.

What is IP Address

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