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The owner had gotten the car in and only driven it three times — for a total of 15 miles. In fact, when Mark first saw it, the odometer read 7, which all parties believe to be accurate.

Preston Tucker’s Legacy Is Alive And Well In Southern California

The owner of the car had a few issues with it and had parked it hoping to find the time later to iron out the bugs. The problems were of the sort many Tucker owners are familiar with: transmission issues, cooling problems and so on.

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But, as they say, it "Ran when parked. After looking it over, Mark told the owner he would love to buy the car. The owner had no interest in selling but Mark stayed in touch after he left that day.

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  • An Ultra-Rare, $3 Million Tucker 48 Was Discovered in an Ohio Barn?

Three years later and following numerous conversations, the owner agreed to sell the car to Mark. A deal was struck and Mark headed to Ohio. He brought his trailer. They winched the car into the trailer and Mark brought it back to his shop in Auburn Hills.

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There, he went through the car thoroughly. Brakes, fuel lines, radiator, fuel pump, carburetor, ignition. Everything was remarkably serviceable considering how long it had been since the car had been driven. Mark went through the steps one takes when reviving an engine that hasn't been turned over in 30 years and then — it started right up.

Tucker Automobiles: The Cammack Collection

The car now runs and drives. The car you see in the pictures is a lovely shade of root beer brown. It had been repainted a few owners back — maybe in the s — but it came from the factory in Andante Green. Mark plans on getting the car back to that color along with a complete top to bottom restoration, of the sort he has done on previous Tuckers. The good news is that has remained in very good condition over the decades.

Garage Find: Tucker Automobile Company Car Number 10

The doors are tight and the body and frame show virtually nothing in the way of corrosion. As the "Before" car in a restoration project, this Tucker is in better shape than any Mark has restored before.

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This restoration very well could take a few years so Mark has decided to leave the car as it is for this summer and will spend a bit of time enjoying it before it gets laid up for all of its work. The process was, judging from the results, liberating for Coppola—paradoxically so, because the film may be his most personal work, albeit by ricochet.

The screenplay was a libretto to which he provided the soaring, swinging, and searing cinematic music. He gets a New York investment banker, Abe Karatz Martin Landau , to handle the business side; he has a team of devoted and innovative engineers portrayed by Mako, Elias Koteas, and Frederic Forrest working with him; and he has family members—his wife, Vera Joan Allen , and his son, Preston, Jr.

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Christian Slater —working with him, too. Tucker makes himself a celebrity to advance the project and then devotes time and energy to the demands of publicity while an outside C. Coppola tells this story with grand exuberance without masking the personal and historical tragedies that it involves.