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The Assessor lists and places a value on all real estate within the county and also on personal property which includes such things as machinery, office equipment, and similar items. Maps, records, and other documents are kept to help establish the value of such property.

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The Assessor presents these tax rolls to the Board of Supervisors for approval. He also helps homeowners file for homestead exemption, which allows some of the homeowner's property to be exempt from property ad valorem taxes.

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Mark Seard Tax Assessor P. Although the company has been around since , TMA has only been doing homestead exemption audits since LexisNexis' database aggregates a massive amount of public records information, publicly available data and commercial data, resulting in nearly million unique identities, according to Straub. Being able to tell if someone had a homestead in Michigan as well as another state that grants the same property tax reduction was important and helped us do our job a little easier," he added.

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The information contained herein reflects the values established in the "most current published" tax digest. Please note that the Assessors Office establishes values only.

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The Meriwether County Tax Commissioner should be contacted with tax bill related questions. Meriwether County was created in , the 73rd County created.

The County was named for General David Meriwether, a state militiaman often called on by the federal government to negotiate with the Indians. General Meriwether served in the Revolutionary War, and was a state legislator and a member of congress.. The first courthouse in Meriwether County was destroyed in by a cyclone.