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Android Security and Privacy. Usage of your phone number and address book We ask for phone numbers because that's how WhatsApp identifies WhatsApp users, making it easier for you to message friends and family quickly.

Your address book information WhatsApp users don't have access to your address book information unless you share a contact using the Contact feature in a chat. Yes No.

Did you waste loads of time and energy in the process? Well not anymore. There are several online tools available that can search for a phone number by just the street address. Finding the phone number through address is a difficult task but not an impossible task. The various tools or websites allow you to input a street address, city and state or street address and ZIP code and find a phone number associated with that address.

This might seem the first step anyone would do. Sometimes luck might just be on your side and the phone numbers would pop up in the first ten google search results. You could also track down a name, email address, and recent personal updates, all in the same place.

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It does an International lookup by phone number, email address or name. They are also planning on launching how to find names through phone numbers. This way you could know who you would be contacted as well.

Tech+ reader wonders why it’s so difficult to find a friend’s phone number

You could use Melissadata. Also, it could show you what could be done in that locality; hence, it could be a guide to you as well. On the left navigation panel, click Personal info.

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On the Contact info section, click Add a recovery phone to help keep your account secure. From here, you can: Add a recovery phone. Change your recovery phone: Next to your number, select Edit. Delete your recovery phone: Next to your number, select Delete.

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  • Follow the steps on the screen. Which number to use Use a mobile phone that: Gets text messages Belongs only to you You use regularly and keep with you Add or change a recovery email address Go to your Google Account.