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Do not change this line. RewriteEngine on Change yourdomain. If you want to manually update your stats, here is what you do. Find you awstats folder. This requires a little MySQL trick. It's one simple edit in the database. First, make sure that your Word Press installation is complete, and you know what the name of the database is. Next, log into your cPanel. Down at the bottom, there is a link to phpMyAdmin looks like a sailboat. Once here, you need to select your database name from the drop down box on the left. Now there is a list of tabs at the top of the page to the right of the drop down box.

The First one is called "Browse". Click there.

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Next, the database entries are listed in columns and rows. Please take a moment to verify the url you are typing in here is correct, or you won't see any change. Once you've changed the url, down at the bottom there is a Dropdown Box that says "Save". If it does not say Save, change it to Save, then select the "Go" button. After you hit "Go", you're done.

Visit your temporary URL for your blog, and all the images will show up just fine. Simply log into your Admin Panel, there is a tab for "Options". Change this to your domain name with any folders required, and you're back to normal. Here is the 'no right clicks' script. You can stop right clicks with a script copy and paste it from this page if you want to in the HEAD section of your page. This means that pages with text in a non Western alphabet, like Cyrillic or Arabic, will often look garbled.

Unicode, on the other hand, is capable of displaying several alphabets; the standard Unicode encoding is UTF Not all character sets will be correctly rendered with this encoding format, but most will. To ensure that your web page displays correctly across different web browsers and platforms if it's not in English , you should take the following steps: 1. When saving your HTML, be sure that the character encoding is set to whatever you've specified it to be.

If you choose UTF-8, then you will need to save your page in that type of encoding. In your Modwest account, add an. If your entire site uses different characters, then you can put your. Inside of the. First you will need to go to the File Manager and create a folder with the name of. After you have created this folder with the permissions of then you can go back to the control panel and click on "Manage OpenPGP Keys. Solution: Open the.

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Put this in the. Sometimes, for one reason or another, you will have no index file in your directory. This will, of course, mean that if someone types the directory name into their browser, a full listing of all the files in that directory will be shown. This could be a security risk for your site. To prevent against this without creating lots of new 'index' files, you can enter a command into your. This is a problem with the cookie settings.

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Edit the configure. ALl other links will be unsecure. With these settings, your viewers will have a seamless transition between secure and non-secure sites. There is a character encoding setting inside of your php. By default, this is set to the standard Latin encoding ISO If you would like to encode your page with different characters, like Arabic or Hindi, you will need to change this. Most character sets will display correctly with UTF-8 encoding. If you're using an Asian character set, you may need to select a different encoding standard; you can find out specific information about which character encoding will display your characters correctly here.

You can find your php. In the example below, UTF-8 is the character set. Ventrilo is a voice chat program VOIP that you can install on your account. Download the latest linux server binary from ventrilo. This will start the server in a background state.

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While browsing it will show you the user name. Open the. There are a few solutions for this problem. If you already have the page in your favorites folder, remove it and add it again. If the folder with temporary files has reached its maximum, the favicon may not be used.

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You can add a line to your. Example: DirectoryIndex home. There is a file in your home directory with a file called "webalizer. You can make any changes to this file you like, and the next time stats are run, you will see the changes. Yes there is with Webalizer, follow these steps: Note: You will need SSH Access to complete these steps, it is also recommended to have some Linux background.

Warning you absolutely need ssh to do this. Make sure you have SSH enabled for your hosting account, ftp the file to root of your ftp account. Execute the commands contained within the single quotes 'tar -xfvz sox After you have done this its now time to compile and build. Type in '. After the binaries of the application are made 'cd src' then 'mkdir..

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